Tea blogging

You may remember that the folks at Kasora special reserved teas had offered to send me some of their tea. Well, they came through and even though I’ve been bribed with tea, I can honestly report that they’ve got some great stuff.

This is not the kind of tea where you put a bag in boiling water and dip it a bunch of times. No, this is tea that inspires ritual attention to detail, and Kasora gives you all the useful suggestions, from the water to use, to the times and temperatures for brewing. I picked up a nice glass teapot with infuser and followed their guidelines.

I started with the Darjeeling Makaibari Silver Tips. Velvety smooth. Mildly rich, but with a delightful kick. Great to share with someone when you want to stay up for a while (No, I didn’t mean it that way.) Next was the Yin Hao Silver Tips Reserve. Subtle and very soft. A late evening – curl up with a book kind of tea. Finally, this evening I brewed the Stone Blossom Bi Luo Chun — a wonderful green tea with an exquisite earthy flavor — probably my favorite.

These are excellent, quality teas, and worth checking out if you’re in the mood for something special.

In related news, the good folks at Nutiva heard my suggestion and sent me some hemp products to try, including hempseed bars, shelled hempseeds, hemp oil, and hemp shake. I’ll report back on those in a few days.

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