So nutty that they’re funny

These weirdos probably don’t deserve a link, but I couldn’t resist. Like every other blogger in the world, I like to check every now and then to see who is linking to any of my pages. I almost never get links from sites in favor of prohibition, so this one was… unique.
Check out a drug war solution by some people who haven’t a clue about America (or much of anything else):

Mandatory death sentence for anyone dealing (includes: manufacturing; smuggling; or supplying) illegal drugs with no plea bargain agreements, even ones designed to get the big fish. Should marijuana be excluded from this policy? We don’t believe so, but we would listen to arguments in this regard. We believe there should be no bail allowed for anyone arrested for drug dealing. We believe there should be no appeals allowed in drug dealing cases and the execution needs to be carried out within 30 days of conviction. We would mandate a very strong 90 day Public Service Announcement campaign on TV, radio, newspapers, etc. clearly explaining the new policy of mandated death sentences, and the conveyance of drugs, for anyone convicted of drug dealing or smuggling. […]
80% of illegal drugs come across the Mexican border. We, initially, need to deploy the U. S. Military, with support from the DEA and other law enforcement, with sufficient troop strength (approximately 100,000) to interdict this invasion with clear orders for enforcement, including shoot to kill capability. Any aircraft that enters U. S. airspace that does not respond to orders for redirection will be shot down immediately, with no legal redress. Any company and/or country that allow trucks, sea or air containers found with illegal drugs, will be fined a minimum of $1 million dollars per offence (that’s per drug package of 1 kilo or more) and be barred from shipping any goods to the U. S. for a minimum of 10 years. All costs of enforcement, court costs and incarceration will be charged to the company and/or country of origin of the drugs and/or the country allowing the intrusion […]

…and the punch line…

We believe we have sufficient protections in place to put a dedicated focus on this problem and still maintain our rights and civil liberties.

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