Open Thread and Interesting Reading

“bullet” Reefer Gladness, in which Philadelphia City Paper’s Brian Hickey discovers (and falls in love with) Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

I realized this LEAP thing can’t be as easily dismissed as a bunch of hacky-sack-circling, NORML-pamphlet-pushing hippies from Swarthmore. By day’s end, one former judge and two former cops (all local) shared the same convincing message: It’s time to cut our mounting losses and run from the failed War on Drugs.

He’s right, of course. So go to LEAP’s site and find out how you can get them invited to speak to your local rotary club.
“bullet” Club Pot Med by Philip Dawdy in the Seattle Weekly is a fascinating exploration of the challenges of medical marijuana in a confusing and undefined legal structure.

The law has driven the supply system underground, pot patients are getting busted, and some cops, prosecutors, and judges just don’t get it.

Of course, there’s a real workable answer to all of this confusion. Legalize. Just like they’re trying to do in Nevada (give them a hand) — an effort which has gained some real conservative support

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