Open Thread

Just got back from four days without technology and I’m trying to catch up.
“bullet” Our Press Release on the DEA exhibit is out and already getting some media attention. I’ve got a couple of interviews tomorrow.
“bullet” A nice editorial about Hemp in the San Francisco Chronicle, calling for the legalization of industrial hemp in California. [thanks, Allan]
“bullet” UN Drug Czar Antonio Maria Costa continues to proclaim his stupidity (or, at the very least, his view that the entire world is stupid enough to believe his propaganda) in Reefer is Worth Getting Mad About [thanks, DdC]
“bullet” Brian Bennett has a startlingly powerful chart demonstrating clearly how we are throwing money away on the drug war.
“bullet” Radley Balko is continuing his outstanding work. In Accountability, Part One he updates us on the lack of action in investigating the death of Anthony Diotaiuto. Also see Accountability, Part Two and Accountability, Part Three.

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