Obligatory Lieberman-Lamont Post

Lieberman’s loss in the Connecticut primary may not seem to be of much consequence to readers of Drug WarRant. However…
The media may frame it as a vote about the Iraq war, but if there is a lesson that politicians are taking away from this event, it’s that the incumbent is not safe, and that if you aren’t representing your constituents, it doesn’t matter how much support you have from the machine. It’s a huge and scary surprise to incumbents — they haven’t really had to pay attention to us before.
This might be a good time to remind them that the general population is way ahead of politicians when it comes to issues like medical marijuana and smarter approaches than incarcerating non-violent drug offenders.
If they don’t listen, work to elect their opponents. This time, there just might be enough anti-incumbent sentiment to pull it off.
The other aspect in our favor in this particular race is that the Lieberman loss is also a defeat for neocons — the same movement that has been pushing for increased drug war tools for fighting terrorism, and increased terrorism fighting tools to go after drug users, and reduced individual freedom for everyone. It’s too early to tell if Republican neocons will be experiencing a backlash along with their favorite Democrat, but it seems possible — perhaps even likely.

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