Let’s be Frank

(Not the Frank who lost in Alaska.) Via the Transform Drug Policy Foundation blog, I have discovered the UK’s version of our anti-drug websites. It’s Frank!
Of course, whenever I come to a site like this, the first thing I do is check to see whether they are misleading or lying. So I went right to the Cannabis information page and found

Cannabis, like tobacco, has chemical ‘nasties’ which can cause lung disease and cancer with long term or heavy use.

Lying. But I did find interesting that they had “self control tips” like:

  • To reduce the risk of overdoing it, try to space out the days between using cannabis.
  • Don’t buy more than you need thinking you will save some for tomorrow – you probably won’t.

You’d never find such advice on a U.S. anti-drug site.
But here’s the best part. They have a new game you can play on the site — Dope Dash. You have to run to avoid hash boy, bong girl, and skunk zombie who are chasing you and trying to blow pot smoke into your face! Make sure you grab a couple of tasty hot dogs while you’re on the run and watch how the pot blurs your vision and affects your coordination. Eventually, you’ll get too stoned and have to retire to the couch (there’s that damned couch again!)
If you last a couple of minutes or more, you get to be on the leader board, where, if you’ve got no better name to use, you could always give your name as DrugWarRant com and send some visitors this way.

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