DEA stoops even lower

Remember when DEA spokesman Steve Robertson responded to our efforts in protesting their museum propaganda by claiming:

“We’re a law enforcement agency — we enforce the laws as they are written. Congress makes the laws.”

Well, once again, I call bullshit.

Check this out.

The Drug Enforcement Agency is stepping into the political fray to oppose a statewide ballot issue that would legalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.

In an e-mail to political campaign professionals, an agent named Michael Moore asks for help finding a campaign manager to defeat the measure, which voters will consider in November. If passed, it would allow people 21 and older to have up to 1 ounce of marijuana.

In the e-mail, which was sent from a U.S. Department of Justice account, Moore also writes that the group has $10,000 to launch the campaign. He asks those interested in helping to call him at his DEA office.

I think it’s time to write Congress and tell them to fire Karen Tandy for gross misconduct and improper use of federal tax dollars.

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