Another Drug Policy Reform Community on the Block, long-time publisher of the Drug War Chronicle, has gotten a face-lift and a Speakeasy.

Stop the Drug War Speakeasy is a new blogging platform for drug policy reform, where anyone can get an account and join the discussion.

Check it out.

It’s nice to see the reform community continually expanding and keeping up with technology in ways that the prohibitionists could only dream.

We’ve got established powerful communities like MAPinc, whose efforts have generated over $20 million worth of press value (and has spilled over into the amazing letter-writing team. We’ve got discussion groups all over the net like Cannabis News, and our friends have instigated or responded to drug policy discussions on hundreds of general and specific-themed messageboards. With the advent of newsreaders and an army of interested reformers, there’s hardly an obscure LiveJournal blogger that can spout drug war ignorance without an informed reader coming to the rescue. Student groups like SSDP have MySpace and Facebook groups, and a bunch of law enforcement officers against prohibition have a YouTube video!

What do the prohibitionists have? Taxpayer-funded propaganda websites, and the extremely lame Pushing Back “blog” (which probably gets more hits from us than anyone else).

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