And now for something completely different — a nice cup of tea

I’ve never gone the advertising route on this site, so my first impulse was to discard the email I got today. But then I thought about it and realized I kind of liked the idea. Product placement on Drug WarRant!
You see, Kasora (a seller of special reserve teas) contacted me and said if I mentioned them on my blog, they’d send me a gift.
A picture named Kasora.jpgNow if it was one of those spam products, I wouldn’t even consider it, but as I started looking at the Darjeeling Makaibari Silver Tips, Yin Hao Silver Tips Reserve, and the Stone Blossom Bi Luo Chun on Kasora’s site, I got really interested. Even though I’m primarily a coffee drinker, I’ve always loved good tea, and this stuff looks like the sinsemilla of tea.
And Kasora did say they’d send me a gift (but they didn’t say what — I hope it’s tea.)
Now if I could get some of the companies that sell soft hemp seeds and hemp bars to do the same thing…

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