Nevada paper comes out for legalization

The rural Lahontan Valley News came out in favor of Nevada’s marijuana legalization initiative

It’s time to pass this multi-pronged approach to marijuana regulation and end years of speculation and fruitless debates.
What the initiative offers is a chance for voters to change a decades-long war on marijuana that has failed to curb its prevalence among Nevadans of all ages. Long compared to the country’s failed prohibition of alcohol in the 1930s, current marijuana laws foster an illegal market. Nevadans who use marijuana legally for medicinal purposes are forced to grow their own or obtain it through illicit sources.
Detractors of the initiative argue that marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to use of more dangerous substances. But the same could be said of caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, sex or any other activity that stimulates the brain’s pleasure zones.
Some of the above mentioned activities are legal and regulated in Nevada. In fact, the state’s most powerful industry caters to those same visceral pleasures.
In a state where prostitution is legal in certain counties, bars are not required to close and children can legally possess and use tobacco, objections to marijuana legalization on a moral basis seem hypocritical. Education and parental involvement affect a person’s decisions more profoundly than state policy.

Good stuff. And it caught the attention of the AP, which has been running a story about the editorial.
Kudos to Regulate for their efforts so far.

[Thanks, Bill]
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