Happy Flag Day

This is only peripherally a drug war post, but I thought it was worth mentioning that this is flag day, and of course, Congress is once again considering a flag burning amendment as a dangerous distraction. Julian Sanchez at Hit and Run has done a pretty decent job of explaining why that’s stupid.
Let me give you my take.
If some idiot decides to burn a piece of red, white, and blue cloth in order to protest a government policy, my freedom is not endangered in any way, nor is my country.
A picture named ConstitutionBurning.gif
However, every day that Congress goes to work, my freedom is in jeopardy, through their continued destruction of the Constitution. And now they want to damage the Constitution further to promote a purely political agenda. I can’t even remember the last flag burning episode in the United States. The only ones who have been desecrating any flags are the politicians standing in front of them.
Celebrate your freedom today by fighting the politicians who would take it away.

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