Karzai the comedian

If it wasn’t all so sad, it would be funny.
The situation in Afghanistan is so absurd, since nobody in power is allowed to actually talk about any solutions to the illegal drug trafficking that would really work.
So every now and then, President Hamid Karzai comes out with a statement about his resolve against opium and asks for more assistance in eliminating it in Afghanistan:

Afghanistan wanted better cooperation with its neighbours and the international community against drugs, the president said.
“We have always said that Afghanistan wanted to release itself from this evil plant. Help us in this struggle and take our hand,” he said.

“…release itself from this evil plant.” What magnificent hyperbole!
Yep. Another public statement to show that he’s serious about it. Just like the various eradication efforts.
The problem is that the crop substitution efforts are not working at all, since none are even close to being as lucrative as opium, and it appears at present that Afghanistan’s entire economy is based on two things:

  1. Foreign aid, mostly tied to efforts to eradicate the illegal drug trade, and…
  2. The illegal drug trade.

So Karzai continues to perform his comedy routine to show the world he’s serious.

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