National Parent Vigil

Today in the mail, I received an envelope from the Drug Enforcement Administration. What a delight! I so seldom hear from them.
It was my ticket to “A Vigil for Lost Promise” on June 8. (Sent by official DEA taxpayer mail, of course. Would they do the same for this Vigil for Lost Promise?)
The event will be at the DEA headquarters (600-700 Army Navy Drive) between the two DEA buildings. Several security checkpoints will make sure that only those with tickets get in and that their names are cross-checked with the list. Bags and purses will be searched. No signs or placards will be allowed.
Here’s the part that got me:

The following items are prohibited: glass bottles, knives, firearms, illegal drugs.

Illegal drugs are prohibited at a DEA event? What a surprise!
I’m not sure what it says about the DEA or their view of the intended audience receiving this letter… So people are coming to an event that is taking place at DEA headquarters where they know they will be searched and that the DEA has their name and address. And they’re going to think “Gee, I think I’ll bring some illegal drugs to take the edge off this bummer of a vigil”? How bizarre.

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