Open Thread

It’s the last weekend of the semester, and I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do today, so talk amongst yourselves. Here’s some interesting reading…
“bullet” For an entertaining rant, read Kent Welton’s Drug Pogrom – On The Cruel, Fascist, Idiocy Of Prohibition II

The People who drink grains are in the statehouse while the people who smoke plants are in the jailhouse. Does this make any sense?
What we have with the war on drugs is clearly a pogrom. A pogrom is defined as “an organized massacre of helpless people.” A drug war carried on by self-righteous, grain-drinking, zealots against hapless and non-violent plant smokers surely qualifies as a pogrom… not to mention a massive violation of human and natural rights.

“bullet” In the New York Times, John Tierney compares Rush Limbaugh with Richard Paey (Times Select article, also available here or here)
“bullet” Lester Grinspoon (author of “Marijuana, the Forbidden Medicine”) takes on the FDA in Puffing is the Best Medicine.
“bullet” thehim posts a letter to Calvina Fay over at the The General (for those not familiar with Jesus’ General, it’s a site that mocks morons by pretending to agree with them)

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