Anti-Drug Overdose?

A really fabulous article by Marnell Jameson in today’s Los Angeles Times

[…] Today, at 14, the Los Angeles girl dismisses much of what she learned in the drug-education program, saying that when she’s older she plans to follow the more moderate example set by her mother and father.
“My parents know how much alcohol they can handle. They only drink socially — and wouldn’t drink and drive.” Further, she credits her parents, not school lessons, with helping her turn down tobacco, alcohol and drugs — all of which she’s been offered. “I learned what I know at home,” she says. To her, the anti-drug program seemed out of touch.
Increasingly, many academic scholars and government researchers agree. They point to a growing body of evidence that supports Mariana’s instincts. One-size-fits-all lessons do little to prepare kids for the real drug choices they’re likely to face, these experts say. By condemning all drugs as bad — not distinguishing between legitimate medications and, in moderation, alcohol — such programs can confuse kids and ultimately cheapen their own messages.

The article goes on to explain clearly the drawbacks, dangers and outright failures of most of the popular drug education programs. It also specifically talks about the value of fact-based education.
It might not be a bad idea to forward this article to your local school district.

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