What’s up with Ohio?

“bullet” Via TalkLeft and NORML
The Ohio House and Senate passed a per se “drugged driving” bill, that is expected to be signed by the Governor. A “per se” law is one that is “in and of itself” — in other words, by testing positive, the person is assumed to be intoxicated by definition, regardless of any actual effect or impairment (or lack thereof).
With marijuana, of course, since the metabolites stay in your system well beyond any effects, this is simply a way to go after marijuana smokers — it has absolutely nothing to do with safety on the roads.
“bullet” Cincinnati passes regressive pot law. The City Council on Wednesday passed an ordinance re-criminalizing marijuana possession with up to 30 days in jail and a $250 fine (as opposed to just a fine). According to Stop the Drug War:

The measure was pushed by Law & Public Safety Committee Chair Cecil Thomas, who argued that elevating marijuana possession to a misdemeanor would make it easier for police to arrest and search more people. But only certain people — Thomas said he did not expect police to target medical users or college students. “That’s not who they’ll be going after,” he said. “I’m not concerned about that because crime is occurring in our troubled neighborhoods.”

And, of course, we know what that’s code for.
“bullet” Then with my previous story, Ohio, on the take
So again, I ask — What’s up with Ohio?

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