Jury believes family, not cops.

After deliberating more than 20 hours over the course of three days, jurors found that the deputies illegally detained and searched Arnetta McCloud, her then-15-year-old daughter, Cynthia, and a cousin, Marcus Frazier, in a midnight traffic stop and drug investigation that stretched for more than four hours in July, 2001.

The mother claimed that she was strip searched and that even her daughter was forced to pull down her pants for a female deputy.
Apparently there were six deputies involved in pulling the family over, detaining them, searching the car and their persons for drugs without finding any and then taking them to the home of relatives they were visiting and searching that residence.
The deputies’ defense?
1. On searching the relatives’ house:

Deputies said they did so only at the invitation of the McCloud parents. The family claims they were forced back to the home against their will…

The family invited them? After being strip searched? Right.
2. On making the 15-year-old drop her pants for a female deputy:

Former Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Evelyn Anderson testified that she did not strip-search Arnetta or Cynthia McCloud, but she said she was surprised when the girl volunteered to lower her pants.

With her mother present, a 15-year-old girl volunteers to drop her pants. Right.
I’m surprised it took the jury 20 hours. Must have been to decide on the roughly $2 million in damages.

[Hat tip to John Horse over at TalkLeft]
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