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March 2006



DEA’s Karen Tandy spreads it pretty deep

Idiots who fail to understand the concept of America

John Stossel on the War on Drugs

John Stossel has a column at Townhall: Rethinking the Drug War.

I was once among the majority who believe that drug use must be illegal. But then I noticed that when vice laws conflict with the law of supply and demand, the conflict is ugly, and the law of supply and demand generally wins. […]

Raich back in court

As has been reported elsewhere, Angel Raich is back in court arguing for her right to use medical marijuana. After the disappointing loss in Raich v. Ashcroft, she vowed not to give up. Yesterday, she took a new approach to the 9th Circuit Court: The right to live. And she’s got the excellent Randy Barnett […]

Student lawsuit scares government, Dept. of Education settles

Government Surrenders Data on Drug Law to Avoid Court Battle WASHINGTON, DC — After being sued by one of the nation’s largest student organizations, the U.S. Department of Education has agreed to waive a hefty fee and turn over data on the effects of a law that strips financial aid from college students with drug […]

U.S. willing to deploy combat troops in Colombia?

Prison and the War on Drugs

I’ve been doing a little bit of collaboration. Be sure to read Prison and the War on Drugs: Just Say No by Hypatia over at Glenn Greenwald’s Unclaimed Territory. I provided an assist, and will be helping with a couple of other drug war posts there. If you’re not familiar with Unclaimed Territory, it’s a […]

Wrongly accused student commits suicide

The tragedy never stops. (Via TalkLeft)

The Drug Czar’s inventions know no bounds — now it’s Don’t Trust Parents

Link via Dare Generation Diary NPR ran an interesting piece today on drug testing in schools, and the government’s push for increased use of mandatory testing. The piece noted that less than 1/2 of 1 percent of all schools use mandatory random drug testing. It was noted that available statistics don’t support the value of […]

Ohio, on the take

The State of Ohio, which already got a huge black eye this year from “investing” millions in pension funds with a “rare coin dealer” who was also a campaign contributor, is again being shown to have no regard for financial accountability — this time in the theft of citizens’ assets. Greg Schwartz of the Free […]