Stupid Drug War Tricks

And the moron drug warriors keep looking for more ways to destroy people…
“bullet” Illinois House OKs Bill to Neuter Dogs of Drug Suspects

Under the bill, if a dog already has been determined to be vicious according to the state’s Animal Control Act, and its owner is then charged with a felony violation of drug, methamphetamine or marijuana laws, the owner would have to get the dog neutered or spayed.
The operation would have to be performed within a week of a person being charged with the drug crime. Owners who fail to comply would be charged with a misdemeanor.

Apparently, the idea is to have more docile dogs for the inevitable future time when the SWAT team shows up, or something.
“bullet” Officer Posing As High Schooler Leads Drug Sting

She was new in school, a demure blonde with a sob story.
With her mother dead and father chronically absent, the girl said, she needed to get high to kill the pain. For three months, students at Falmouth High bought her story and sold her the drugs she said she needed.
But yesterday, the real story emerged.
The girl who some students yesterday said they knew as Keane was in fact a fresh-faced cop whose three months at Falmouth High School culminated before the start of classes yesterday when nine teenage boys were led out of their homes in handcuffs on charges of selling her marijuana and ecstasy.

This is despicable. You put an attractive blonde girl with a sob story in with a bunch of hormone raging High School boys and they’ll rob a bank for her. Of course, they got drugs for her. I’m sure if they didn’t have any, they found out who did.
Look, I don’t want kids doing drugs, and I think we can find ways to reduce drug use by children, but I also don’t want kids growing up thinking that they can’t trust anybody and nobody trusts them. Being forced to pee in a cup, dealing with dog searches, and having friends who are narcs. What horrible lessons we teach.

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