Candid discussion

Peter Letang, Delaware’s former chief prosecutor says that we’re losing the drug war. He talks about the costs and the profit incentives connected to prohibition. He doesn’t have a firm solution, but he’s willing to talk about it.

I do not vote anyone else’s proxy in making these comments, but I can report that a number of police officers, members of the Criminal Justice Council, prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys and corrections staff, have spoken to me echoing my thoughts. I am intrigued that those conversations have generally been in hushed tones.
I do not regard a recommendation for dialogue on this subject to be blasphemy, and I do recognize that there are downsides to attempting to reduce the profit from the drug market. I am equally aware, however, that the societal impact of what we have been attempting over the past many years has been frustrating, in large part ineffective and expensive. Candid discussions today will impact the next generation.

This is a sign that we’re making some serious progress. Part of the problem in the past has been that the prohibitionists have created an environment where simply talking about options other than prohibition was considered some kind of equivalent to treason.
But now we’re seeing more people from all walks of life speaking up and, at the very least, questioning the validity of the drug war. These are all cracks in the facade that is propping up prohibition.
Looks like Peter Letang is a potential candidate for joining Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, if he hasn’t already.

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