Piling On

Luis R. Flores of DesMoines, Iowa agreed to help his cousin Felix Calderon. Felix was going to a shipping house to pick up some packages of marijuana that had been shipped to him, and Luis would keep an eye out and let him know by cell phone if he saw any police.
Felix accepted the shipment and the police grabbed him. They also grabbed Luis Flores in his truck for being a lookout.
Flores pleaded guilty to “aiding and abetting another in possessing a controlled substance” and got probation.
A month later the police tried to seize Flores’ $30,000 truck, a gun and $2,700 in cash. The courts shut them down, ruling that he had “played a relatively minor role.”
A month after that the Iowa Revenue department went after Flores for unpaid marijuana taxes on the shipment for which he had merely been lookout. The total bill: $181,677.00 (this would cause him to lose his home). And if he wants to fight the charge, he has to post a bond.
This isn’t about justice. It’s about going out of your way to destroy people.

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