Senator gets Hodgkin’s Disease, supports medical marijuana


Arlen Specter says he “may introduce legislation” in the Senate in favor of medical marijuana.

The U.S. senator, who has long supported the use of human stem cells for disease research, told Your Humble Narrator yesterday that he’s in favor of a state’s right to decide whether to allow its doctors to prescribe marijuana.

Specter himself, who is battling Hodgkin’s disease, could be a candidate for medical marijuana use.

I’m very appreciative of Senator Specter’s decision to support medical marijuana. (And it should be noted that he has supported it in the past, though perhaps not this vocally.)
However, wouldn’t it be nice if the majority of our Senators, Representatives, and Presidents had the compassion, intelligence and morality to see the rank stench of their denial of medicine to sick people? Must they (or their loved ones) get sick for them to see what must be done?

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