Not a good day…

So for weeks now, I’ve been arranging my work schedule to be around at the time when decisions were announced. But today, no. This trip to New York had been scheduled for over a year, and naturally the Supremes decided to release it today.
So then, I spent all day in an airplane on the ground parked in O’Hare airport waiting for clearance to LaGuardiia. Finally made it to my hotel room.
I’m exhausted, and don’t feel like discussing Raich today. Sorry. Please feel free to continue to discuss in the comments.
Since I missed the opportunity to give the quick response, I’ll take my time reading the decision and comment in greater detail later this week.
However, a couple of quick notes:

  • Raich was always only one effort among many in this, and it served to give a lot of publicity to the issue.
  • We must go after Congress. Period. They have the power to change all of this. Which means grassroots support. Which means people talking. It means supporting the States’ Rights to Medical Marijuana Act and similar provisions.
  • Remember that this ruling does not invalidate any of the current or future state medical marijuana laws. It only means the Feds can go back to looking really silly locking up sick people.
  • We’ve got a lot more work to do.
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