Lollipops and Liquid Pot

Last One Speaks has a couple of items to check out:
“bullet” Sativex goes retail in Canada — That’s right, the liquid form of marijuana called Sativex¬ is now available by prescription in Canada. Next stop, the U.S. (as soon as they can convince everyone that the plant is bad, but the liquid form of the plant is good).
“bullet” Don’t they have something better to do? talks about the hemp flavored lollipops that are getting a ton of free publicity through lawmakers trying to outlaw them.
There’s another article on this here, with some bizarre notions.

“We should not have these out and available for kids to acquire these kinds of tastes. I’m concerned it could be a stepping stone to smoking marijuana,” Mr. Spade [D-Tipton] said.

Yeah, that’s right. People smoke pot for the taste.

Lenawee County Sheriff Larry Richardson agrees. “I’m all for it,” he said. “Kids tell me it tastes like the real stuff. I definitely think we should put controls on it.”

So how do kids know it tastes like the real stuff?
Of course, Last One Speaks has it right:

It’s perfectly legal, it doesn’t get you high and frankly it doesn’t sound like it would necessarily even taste that good. In fact, if these leglislators didn’t make such a big deal about it, most kids probably wouldn’t even notice they were on the shelf and would opt out for the Sweet Tarts instead.

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