Hinchey Watch – Day 2, part 2

[See full proceedings through the Hinchey Amendment in the post below]
In this post, we’ll continue to watch items in the proceedings.
“bullet” C.L. “Butch” Otter (Idaho) has put forward an amendment to restrict the “sneak-and-peek” search warrants and brings back judicial oversight. Some nice stuff about the importance of the 4th Amendment.
Ron Paul comes forward in support of this one. Some more extremely nice statements about the 4th Amendment.
Unfortunately, this amendment is ruled out of order and had to be withdrawn.
“bullet” Voting is now taking place on the earlier amendments. Hinchey will be the fifth vote. First vote is 15 minutes, but I believe each successive vote is 5 minutes, so, if true, that means we’ll have a result on Hinchey by around 2:30 pm Eastern.

Amendment offered by Mr. Weiner. An amendment to increase funds (by transfer) for the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program in the amount of $126,152,000. Failed.

My recaps of the Hinchey floor debates from past years: 2004, 2003.

“bullet” Hinchey is on C-Span right now giving an overview of his amendment. It’s for the layman, and he’s doing a nice job. Nothing new for us, but clear.
He doesn’t think he has the votes. Doesn’t think that Congress is ready — that it’s driven by a narrow ideology. He’s hoping for an increase in votes.
Phone lines are open. Every single caller was on our side. Memo to phone callers: try not to sound like you’re actually stoned when you call. Nice call from a Republican lady who has glaucoma whose daughter convinced her to try marijuana and it helped her. Phone lines closed. Hinchey vote is next.
Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment Vote:
Party-line so far. 70 yes, 100 no. Why won’t Republicans vote for this?
103 yes, 162 no. That much pharmaceutical money?
132 yes, 211 no. Looks like we’re going to lose.
Final: 161 yes, 264 no, 8 NV
Only 15 Republicans voted in favor, and 54 Democrats voted against. (All 1 Independent member voted in favor.)
Roll Call available here: Roll 255

“bullet” Calvina Fay gloats (and fails basic math concepts).

… This amendment was defeated in Congress today by nearly double the votes.

“This victory is yet more proof that this is truly the end of the medical marijuana scam,” says Calvina Fay, executive director of Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. …

With that, she proceeded to kick out the crutches of a woman suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, yelling “Take that, you druggie bitch!”

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