Surreal Reading…

“bullet” DEA’s Karen Tandy is speaking out. This release from the DEA has her article: “Marijuana: The Myths Are Killing Us,” which appeared in the March issue of Police Chief Magazine.
She starts by using the death of a 14-year-old girl who may have died from ecstacy and whose friends were afraid to get help becuase they might get in trouble as a way to attack medical marijuana efforts! This is the lowest of the low — and she got it directly from Mark Souder. I just wonder if Irma Perez’ sister is aware of how these drug warriors are using her.
Then in the usual guise of “exposing myths,” she procedes to spread some of the most atrocious lies about marijuana. It’s all the same old stuff.
Now maybe you think that Karen Tandy, as head of the DEA, would be an expert on medical marijuana. Let’s go back a bit to her confirmation hearing. Senator Durbin asked:
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Durbin:Are you aware of information regarding the medicinal benefits of marijuana (for example: an editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine on [January] 30, 1997; the 1999 Institute of Medicine report “Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base authorized by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy; and the 1988 ruling from the DEA’s chief administrative law judge, Francis L. Young)?…”[links added]

Tandy:“I am not personally familiar with the sources you cite discussing the putative “medicinal benefits of marijuana…”

“bullet” Visiongain Report Announces Cannabinoids as a Potential Blockbuster
This is just bizarre to read. Speculation on how many millions of dollars will be generated by different cannabinoid-based drugs being developed world-wide in matter-of-fact financial guidance

Visiongain values the current cannabinoid market in 2005 at $110.5 million. This value is the combined world revenues of Marinol, Nabilone and also includes generic Dronabinol in Germany. This is a 6.3% growth increase from 2004, where revenues totalled $104 million. By 2010 sales of these products could reach a potential of just under $200 million. Over the forecast period, 2002 to 2010, this will generate a CAGR% of 10.76%.

By 2006 the cannabinoid market is expected to develop from the limited, controversial, niche market of today, to that with a much higher profile with additional approved therapeutic areas.

I read both of these items this morning and my head just about exploded.

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