Clarification on Raich opinion dates

Apparently the Supreme Court will not be releasing any opinions this Monday (May 2) after all. This means that the next possible date for decisions is Monday, May 16.
Via SCOTUSblog:

The remaining scheduled dates for issuance of opinions are May 16th, 23d and 31st, and each of the four Mondays in June. (If needed, the Court might add further dates between June 21st and June 30th.)

Here’s the Supreme Court Calendar (pdf).
I had earlier assumed that the May 2 and 16 dates were the last possibilities for Raich — given that there are only 4 cases left from the December arguments (Raich was argued Nov. 29 but that was part of the December arguments).
At this point, I have no idea how long the Court will take with Raich. I expected it before now. While it’s frustrating to continue waiting, I can only think that the delay is a positive thing.

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