More on Cheryl Noel

______, who says she is a friend of the Noel family, wrote to say how appalled she was at most of the news coverage of the Cheryl Noel tragedy. She has written a letter to the Dundalk Eagle (the one paper I found that provided some balanced coverage) to thank them and to also add some details. I don’t know if the Eagle will publish it, but regardless, I thought it would be good to share it here.

Letter removed at the request of the author.

I have not independently verified the statements in _______’s letter, but I have no particular reason to doubt her, and if true, they paint a very disturbing picture. Given these statements, along with what’s been reported so far, I would hope that someone in Baltimore county is doing some further investigation, and yet as far as I can tell there’s been no press mention at all since the Dunkalk Eagle story.
I welcome hearing from others who knew Cheryl and her family, or who have additional information about any investigation.
Update The person who wrote this letter originally gave me permission to print it and then later asked me to remove it and I am following their wishes. I don’t know what that means and still welcome anyone who has more details on the Cheryl Noel story.

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