How the drug war breaks down cooperation between citizens and police

Two different stories. In both cases, it’s about the drug bust, not about people and police working together.
“bullet” Libby at Last One Speaks: Not Fit for Man Nor Beast
“bullet” Melissa at D’Alliance: Mother arrested for almost bringing heroin to her son at school
I’m a little less certain of the second one (need more facts), but what it appears we have here are two situations where people have learned the lesson that cooperating with the police is a bad idea while this drug war is going on.
And this kind of thing happens every day (well, maybe not specifically — these are both pretty strange stories — but at least in principle).
The thing is, I have a great admiration for police, and know some pretty good ones. The problem is that the drug war itself creates a cyclical adversarial situation where the people they are there to serve and protect are losing, or have lost, their motivation to provide cooperation and assistance.

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