Drugs and Faith: Be prepared for more zany antics from Mark

From the Journal Gazette (Indiana):


Lawmaker Cites Drugs, Evolution As Key Issues

WASHINGTON – Rep.æ Mark Souder, R-3rd, will join the House Education Committee for the next two years, temporarily giving up a seat on the committee that oversees national parks.

Souder, who was a member of the Education Committee for his first six years in office, said he is keen to participate in discussions about the teaching of evolution vs.æ creationism; the rewrite of a bill that includes a provision he wrote to restrict student loans to people with drug convictions; and legislation that includes provisions that allow federal grants to faith-based organizations.

Souder will keep a seat on the Government Reform Committee, where he chairs a subcommittee that oversees the nation’s anti-drug programs.æ He will also remain on the Homeland Security Committee, a panel created after the Sept.æ 11, 2001, terror attacks.

This means that Souder will be positioned to block true reform to the HEA Drug Provision, while pushing for increases in the Drug War elsewhere.

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