Drug Test Nation

A disturbing look at the immediate future of the privacy of our bodily fluids in Paul Armentano’s column at Reason.

The purpose of this symposium — and the intent of the bodily fluid snoopers in attendance — was to call for an unprecedented, government-mandated expansion of both drug testing and the application of new drug screening technology — and not just for those within the workplace. And the pee police may be close to getting their wish….

According to its website, DATIA is “a 1,200-member national trade association representing the full spectrum of alcohol and drug testing service agents, including laboratories, collection sites, … and [drug] testing device manufacturers.” In layman’s terms, it’s the lobbying arm for the drug testing industry.

I’ve known for years that the drug testing industry was wielding political pressure — now they’re being up front abou the lobbying. This is an industry that will push until they are drug testing every employee, and every student, and every driver that’s stopped on the highway.
And right now, the government (through the ONDCP) is facilitating their profits.

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