Mmmmm… scrambled

So New York lawmakers finally voted to scale back (somewhat) the harsh Rockefeller drug laws, after years of hard work and lobbying by tons of dedicated drug policy reformers.

Two longtime goals of drug law reformers — giving near-total sentencing discretion to judges and allowing some offenders to avoid prison entirely in favor of treatment — are not included in the agreement.

But the Governor has it figured out…

“Now we put in a new law that will rationalize that sentencing (structure) and make the punishment fit the crime,” [Governor Pataki] said.

Right. Jim at Vice Squad has a few choice words for the Governor, regarding how you determine when a punishment fits a drug crime.
I’d take it a step further. This “reform” is a joke and yet the drug policy reformers don’t dare turn it down. To ease the sentences of even a few is better than nothing.
But this is what it feels like: After years of forcing New Yorkers to buy contaminated eggs for $20 a dozen, the legislature has finally reduced the price to $12.
Pass the salt.

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