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My “Return of the King” extended DVD gift set arrived today, so my evening is planned. Here are a few things to read.
“bullet” Hurwitz Convicted. A pain doctor has been convicted of drug trafficking and could get life. Bad news for future people in pain. This will make doctors even more likely to under-prescribe. My recommendation (from If I were Contrarian King):

DEA agents who investigate doctors for prescribing pain medication must have other DEA agents perform any medical procedures (like heart transplants and brain surgery) that are needed by the agents. After all, if DEA agents know so much about medicine…

“bullet” Australia has started roadside driving tests for drug use. decrimwatch shows here and here that it isn’t working so well to start out.
“bullet” Scott Hensen at Grits for Breakfast has news that Texas may consider ending Byrne drug task forces. Wow!
“bullet” NORML reports

The district attorney for the city of Anchorage, at the
behest of Gov. Frank Murkowski, is requesting a judge to re-examine a 1975
Alaska Supreme Court ruling (Ravin v. State) which determined that the
possession of marijuana by adults within the home is a constitutionally
protected activity.


The state appeals courts have acknowledged that they would be “willing to
consider Ravin if presented with compelling new evidence that small amounts of
marijuana are harmful,” according to a report this week in the Anchorage Daily

I wonder how they’ll manage to show that?
“bullet” (from Scott) First-ever Safety Study Of Medical Cannabis Use In Canada Launched

A first-of-its-kind study of safety issues surrounding the medical use of cannabis has just been launched. Known as the COMPASS study (Cannabis for the management of pain: assessment of safety study), the research initiative will follow 1400 chronic pain patients, 350 of whom use cannabis as part of their pain management strategy, for a one-year period. Seven participating pain clinics across Canada are now enrolling patients for this study.

This will be specifically for pain patients (not including medical marijuana use for cancer, etc.).

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