Don’t read this or your brain will hurt.

I warned you:

The Supreme Court has now dissolved the emergency stay issued last week suspending an injunction forbidding the government to interfere with the rituals of the UdV [O Centro Espirita Beneficients Uniao Do Vegetal], the American branch of a Brazilian church that uses a DMT-containing potion called hoasca or ayahuasca as its sacramental drink.

If you want to understand this further, read Mark Kleiman’s or Marty Ledermans’ posts.
I mention this largely because I earlier reported that this case is likely headed to the Supreme Court. The significance of the lifting of the stay is that this controlled substance can be used in religious ceremonies at least until the government gets the case to the Court (a year). It may then be hard for the feds to show that there’s an imminent threat to their international treaties and law enforcement abilities.
Just another tiny crack in the government’s prohibition efforts.

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