Good reading

“bullet” In today’s Boston Globe, a nice article on Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and Jack Cole: Former Cop Changes Sides in Nation’s War on Drugs:

”Right now the people that control and regulate drugs are the dealers,” Cole said. ”They tell us what will be distributed to the community, what the purity will be, how much it will cost and who and where it will be sold. And then we see to it that they get all the profits.”

Cole wants drugs controlled by the government, heavily taxed, and easily accessible to adults. And he wants to see some of the $69 billion a year ”thrown down the rat hole” used to educate Americans about drugs. He points to the campaign to inform Americans about tobacco, which cut use nearly in half in eight years. ”And we did it without incarcerating a single human being.”

“bullet” It’s nice to see that the Anchorage Press (Alaska) has reprinted Ethan Nadelmann’s wonderful article that first appeared in the National Review last month: An End to Marijuana Prohibition. It’s particularly good that Alaska is seeing that article — it could have a positive impact on the referendum.
It’s also worth reading again. It’s really good. And it’s a perfect article for you to give to someone who is wanting to learn more about every aspect of marijuana and legalization. Ethan answers all the major propaganda, myths, and frequently asked questions about marijuana.

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