Alabama Voting Guide

This one was a bit depressing. The Senate race is easy: Sowell is the clear choice over Shelby. I’ve mentioned this race before.
The House races were tougher. Every single House incumbent from Alabama, regardless of party, voted against the Hinchey amendment in both of the last two years, meaning that they voted in favor of continuing the practice of the federal government harrassing sick people for following state law in states where medical marijuana is legal. Not only is this intolerant, but it goes against states rights.
Some of the low points include:

  • Gerry Wallace, running in the 5th, who says “The ‘War on Drugs’ should be intensified and Treated as a war to be won!”
  • Judy Belk in the 1st who says that she will “declare a war on drugs and believes√¶that all means should be used to fight this war head-on” [Ah, the problem is we just haven’t “declared” it yet]
  • Steve Cameron in the 7th — a real nut case who also believes in declaring war on liquor and tobacco and making them illegal

Good luck to those of you in Alabama. I’ve tried to give a couple of suggestions.
Update: If you’re upset about the situation in Alabama, give Loretta and the folks at Alabama Marijuana Party a hand.
More voting guides to come. (So far, Alabama, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Montana, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington are available.)

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