Gonna score some dextromethorphan

Walter in Denver notes Why The Drug War Is Doomed To Fail
He points to a Rocky Mountain News article which pretty well indicates that people will always find a drug of choice, legal or illegal:

Colorado calls to the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, and the type of drug involved, in the past two years

Drug 2002 2003
Marijuana 92 100
Heroin 14 24
Cocaine 109 137
Methamphetamine 71 82
Cough medicines/ dextromethorphan 229 275
Codeine 153 188
Painkillers/ oxycodone 602 809
Sleeping pills, tranquilizers/ benzodiazepines 1,012 1,212
Methadone 87 97
Morphine 150 208
Ethyl alcohol 270 248
Total calls 68,245 67,463

As Walter says: “Note that calls regarding cough medicine/dex each of the last two years outnumbered calls for marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined.”

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