Sorry about the light posting the past few days. I went to see Dana Beal speak at the University on Friday (I’ll be posting some about his talk later this week) and I spent the weekend in Chicago without internet access.
For those who are in my area, please note that Mobilizing Activists and Students for Hemp (M.A.S.H.) is having their Spring Hempfest this Friday, April 23 on the Illinois State University Quad. There will be tiedying, and hemp activities, and speakers, and hemp educational materials. I’ll be speaking around 3 pm. (Unfortunately, I’ll have to speak through a bullhorn — the only amplification allowed on the quad on school days — I hate those things, but I like speaking, so…) Stop by if you’re in the area, and be sure to introduce yourself to me. I love meeting my readers.
Posting will be hit and miss this week, but here’s a few things to read:
“bullet” There’s a great article in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune: On Streets, Drug Trade the Only Game in Town by Rex W. Huppke. It’s a powerful look at the economic structure of the poor inner city, and why simple drug enforcement not only fails the city, but actually makes inner city problems worse.
“bullet” Debra Saunders at The SFGate notes that murderers are not only treated better than pot smokers when it comes to student financial aid, but also food stamps. Yep, another inane federal regulation lets murderers get food stamps, but not felony drug offenders who have done their time. Assemblyman Mark Leno is trying to pass a bill to allow California to opt out of that federal stupidity.
“bullet” Doug with MapTalk noticed this little gem in an article about Iraq plans:

The parties also agreed that coalition and Iraqi security forces, supported by the residents, “must move to eliminate remaining foreign fighters, criminals and drug users from Fallujah.”

Remove the drug users? Yeah, that’s good use of resources when soldiers and citizens are getting killed. Or maybe “removing” means executing?
“bullet” Marlana sent me this article about the fact that Springfield, Missouri does not have a law against posession of marijuana, a pesky situation that they’re working on resolving so they can help out the county with prosecutions. (Important note for those living in Springfield, MO — it’s still illegal in the county and the state, which includes the city). So they’re working on passing a law. I’d like someone to ask them the important question (even if the law is a technicality): Why should it be made illegal?
“bullet” Scott sent me this article that takes my indictment of the connection between the war on drugs and failure in the war on terror, and goes a step further.
“bullet” TalkLeft has all the info on KDrink the one that puts the coca back into the soda.
“bullet” Also check out TalkLeft’s coverage of DTAP, an innovative new treatment program.

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