Jennings’ piece on Ecstasy a must-see

This piece was astonishing – a factual investigative report on ecstasy that shows how the government has been its own worst enemy. It showed all the good things about ecstasy and all the stuff we don’t know (including potential dangers) and for which need more studies. It slammed the bad science involved, and also slammed the government for squandering all credibility by lying and exaggerating the problems.
A couple of startling moments where the program showed dramatically how making the drug illegal caused most of the problems that exist.
It you missed it, you can purchase a video of the program for $29.95 at the ABC store.
I think I may get a copy just to have in my library.
Update: Chris puts it best: “This is the strongest major-network condemnation of federal drug policy that I’ve ever seen.”

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