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“bullet” Last One Speaks with more on the DEA’s efforts to make sure you die in excruciating pain.
“bullet” TalkLeft with the Supreme Court case regarding the use of drug sniffing dogs on cars with little justification.

the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police argued that police should be allowed to use dogs to sniff any vehicle stopped for a traffic violation.

Are there any more rights we can give away?
Check out the comments on that post as well. I got a bit incensed by a commenter who stated:

There is no stopping point to the creativity of smugglers, so why would you condone a stopping point for police who combat them.

Note also that according to the coverage of this case in The Guardian:

Police often look for a way to turn a traffic stop into an all-out search, and drug dogs can be a convenient pretext, [Meczyk, one of Caballes’ lawyers] said.

In Illinois, in traffic stops where a dog indicates drugs or other contraband in a car, eight out of nine searches turn up nothing, Meczyk said.

Eight of nine.

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