Michele Leonhart confirmed to DEA despite disdain for truth

Here’s a little item I missed. Michele Leonhart was quietly confirmed as Deputy Administrator of the DEA earlier this month (see my article DEA Bad Girl Michele Leonhart for background on her.)
There’s a lot about her there, but here’s the kicker. When talking about a snitch who put a lot of people behind bars but was discovered to be lying on a regular basis, she said:

“The only criticism (of Chambers) I’ve ever heard is what defense attorneys will characterize as perjury or a lie on the stand.”

She continued by saying that once prosecutors check him out, they’ll agree with his admirers in DEA that he’s “an outstanding testifier.”
Yep, according to her, lying isn’t such a bad thing as long as you get the conviction.
Well, her views on the truth will fit in just fine with the drug warriors. After all, didn’t the GAO already state that drug warriors practically had to lie in order to do their job?
My prediction on Leonhart’s confirmation was:

The Senate Judiciary Committee must, at the very least, investigate Leonhart’s connection to Andrew Chambers. The fact that she apparently has no objection to the use of perjury in attaining a conviction should be an automatic disqualifier. Based on past experience, however, it is likely that Leonhart will be confirmed without discussion or recorded vote.

Well, I called that right. The Judiciary Committee passed her on without comment on March 4, and the Senate confirmed on voice vote with a whole list of other nominees.

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