The Idiocy that is Istook

Jacob Sullum at Reason has a great article about the ACLU lawsuit against the feds.

Istook’s willingness to so blatantly violate the First Amendment plays into the hands of his opponents, who portray it as a sign of the drug warriors’ intellectual bankruptcy and political desperation. “The message that marijuana prohibition has failed is so powerful,” declares Steve Fox of the Marijuana Policy Project, “that the only way the federal government can think of to combat it is by stopping us from communicating with the public.”

Although Joseph White says he was “stunned” by Istook’s amendment, he adds, “We are grateful to Congressman Istook for bringing these issues so clearly to the forefront.” Says Ethan Nadelmann, “We think Congressman Istook’s crass proposal will likely accelerate the pace of reform. For this we thank him.”

With enemies like Istook, who needs friends?

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