Odds and Ends

“bullet” LastOneSpeaks points us to the transcript of an incredible speech on the floor of the House this week by Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, regarding the DEA’s meddling with pain management.

Finally, I wish to express my hope that Mr. Limbaugh’s case will encourage his many fans and listeners to consider how their support for the federal war on drugs is inconsistent with their support of individual liberty and constitutional government.

“bullet” LastOneSpeaks also notes that Narco News is back in town, redesigned and with a group format that should prove interesting. (And I am also quite thankful for the visual re-design and skin change option – red and yellow text on black background was in for about 5 minutes when the internet first discovered color; now it’s just painful.) Check it out. There’s no better source of information on the Latin American Drug War.
“bullet” An Illinois school district has decided not to drug test its students.

“There would have to be a clear and present [drug] problem,” Stinson added.

Although some of their other policies are still too extreme, it’s nice to see a school that has avoided the lock-step buy-in to the drug testing regime.

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