60 Minutes transcript now online

You can now read the entire transcript from the 60 Minutes program on mandatory minimums: More Than They Deserve.
A sample:

“Judges throughout the country, of all political persuasions, feel that they have to have discretion so that they can do justice in the individual cases,” says Martin, who is resigning from the bench.

“It is unjust. It’s taking people who are low-level violators and putting them in jail for 15-20 years. I had a situation where a defendant was an addict. He sat on his stoop. People came to him and said, ‘Do you know where I can buy some crack?’ He told them about an apartment where there was crack being sold. For this, the people who sold it every once in a while gave him some crack for his own personal use. The guideline range for that man was 16 years in jail. That doesn’t seem to me like justice.”

The online story is not exactly a transcript of the show, and is a little nicer to the one drug warrior represented (Congressman Bill McCollum) than Bradley was on the show.
Note this exchange in the article…

[Bradley:] If you look at the government’s own figures, it had 12 million illegal drug users in 1991. Now, there are 19 million, so it’s gone up after a decade of tough sentences by 7 million drug users.

“If we didn’t have those tough sentencing laws, you’d have a whole lot more people than 19 million on drugs,” says McCollum. “It would be worse today if we didn’t have them. Far worse.”

On the show, Bradley follows this with a expression of disbelief that this record could possibly be considered a success, and McCollum repeated his idiotic and unsupported assertion that it would have been worse without the drug war.

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