My current favorite editorial line…

Oh, it’s good to be the king.æ You float high above the law and plunder your subjects with impunity.

Yesterday’s Rocky Mountain News skewers the DEA and their arrogance for disobeying a judge’s order to return marijuana and paraphernalia to a medical marijuana user.

“The feds can’t just steal the marijuana and therefore make it federal property,” [attorney Kristopher Hammond] said.

But they try, and they convince local law enforcement officials that even they don’t have to obey Colorado law.

As Hammond puts it, “It’s no secret that the federal government claims to be for states rights – until the states do things they don’t like, such as enacting a medical marijuana statute.”

He’s asking the judge to cite the DEA with contempt.æ We hope the judge does just that.æ If he doesn’t, or if the DEA brushes off the citation as if it were a gnat, perhaps Hammond should try again in federal court.

Even if it isn’t found in contempt, the DEA is clearly guilty of violating the old mob dictum: “Never steal anything small.”

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