Goose Creek’s Principal McCrackin Sent to His Office

The Associated Press announced that Principal George McCrackin of Stratford High School in Goose Creek had resigned (see my original story). Several hours later, the AP headline was revised to a indicate that he had been “reassigned”…

Following a November drug sweep in which police with guns drawn ordered Stratford High students to the floor, Berkeley County School District officials announced Monday that Principal George McCrackin had resigned.

“I realized it is in the best interest of Stratford High School and of my students for me to make a change,” McCrackin said.

District Superintendent J. Chester Floyd said he had had several conversations with McCrackin and that the decision to reassign him came last weekend.

“These past 60 days have been extremely challenging and pressure filled, particularly for Mr. McCrackin,” Floyd said. “His decision reiterates his commitment to doing what’s best for the school and the students at all times.”

Floyd has not decided to what position McCrackin will be reassigned, but he said McCrackin would probably spend time in the coming weeks preparing for two lawsuits filed by students stemming from the incident.

So basically, he has resigned as principal so he can move to an office and work on his lawsuits.
Probably safer for the kids…

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