Terrorists Take Over South Carolina School.

Yes, I’ve given this post an alarmist heading, but it is deserved…
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Gun-Wielding Cops Conduct Drug Sweep At School: Drug Sweep Finds No Drugs (video available at this link)

Surveillance video from Stratford High School in Goose Creek shows 14 officers, some with guns drawn, ordering students to lie the ground as police searched for marijuana. Students who didn’t comply with the orders quickly enough were reportedly handcuffed.
Police didn’t find any criminals in the armed sweep, but they say search dogs smelled drugs on a dozen backpacks.

Another report:

“Armed police stormed a high school and ordered children to the floor at gunpoint so they could conduct a drugs search, it emerged today.
Officers ran into the South Carolina school, screaming at pupils to lie face down, before rifling through their bags.

No evidence that a crime had been committed. The search was for marijuana. Guns were drawn. Students were put in real jeopardy of their lives. Everyone involved in this terrorist act should be fired, at the very least.
There’s something wrong in this country, when pot smokers are accused of aiding terrorists, and actions like this one are considered acceptable by the government.
More on this at Keith Gottschalk’s Talk Radio Refugee, Crescat Sententia, RandomActOfKindess, TalkLeft, and others.
Update: State investigating high school drug sweep

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. – State police are investigating why officers charged into a crowded high school hallway with guns drawn in a drug sweep.
Charleston-area prosecutor Ralph Hoisington asked the State Law Enforcement Division to look into possible police misconduct in the operation….
“I don’t think there’s anything wrong at all with law enforcement addressing a problem in a high school, but I have serious concerns about the need for restraining students and drawing weapons,” Hoisington said. “I don’t want to send my child to a school and find out guns are drawn on them. I certainly don’t want them hogtied as part of a sweeping investigation.”…
Graham Boyd, director of the drug policy project for the American Civil Liberties Union, says the search was illegal. “You absolutely cannot bring police with guns drawn into a school,” Boyd said….
Boyd said police have to have individual students suspected of drug activity, then any action taken must target those suspects. He said investigators should have called individual suspected students to the principal’s office to check their bags for drugs.


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