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November 2003



Three approaches to education…

New Bedford, Massachusetts: Mayor, White House discuss solutions. Mayor Frederick M. Kalisz Jr. has really gotten in bed with the Drug Czar, including developing a plan for volunteer drug testing of all middle and high school students. (Of course, the voluntary part would not actually mean that it would be voluntary to the students, […]

The lengths some people will go to promote Reefer Madness…

Now that the UK is looking to downgrade cannabis, the loonies are coming out. No, not potheads — but drug warriors grasping at straws to scare people.
The Sunday Telegraph ran CANNABIS USE CAUSES ‘HUNDREDS OF DEATHS A YEAR’, CORONER WARNS. Yes, Hamish Turner and others have “proof” that marijuana is killing people right and left.
Of course their proof consists of statistics like: “in 2000, 12 per cent of the 3,400 people killed in road accidents showed traces of cannabis.” Traces. Of a drug that over 5 million people in Britain regularly use and that stays in your blood for days. Yep, that’s a causal link, all right. Of course, they probably also found traces of chocolate and tea and other dangerous substances.
But my favorite in the article:

Cannabis also contributed to the death of Dragan Radoslavjevic, 42, from Paignton, Devon.ć He died earlier this year after using a power tool to drill a hole in his head. An inquest in Torquay heard that he suffered from depression and relied on drugs such as cannabis and heroin. [my emphasis]

Considering over 40% of Americans have tried marijuana, it looks like we are way overdue for a huge rash of self-inflicted deaths by power drill to the head!
Anybody got a 1/2″ skull bit I can borrow?