And the drug war news continues…

Had a great time in Chicago, but now I’m back, and it turns out the drug war didn’t end while I was gone. Oh, well.
bullet imageTalkLeft talks of states’ rights and the federal government’s harrassment of medical marijuana in Oregon..
bullet imageLast One Speaks talks about the untimely demise of Narco News Bulletin.
bullet imageWe continue to be well protected from fake cocaine.
bullet imageAt MAPinc:
Family Watches Tapes Of Trooper Killing Man
It’s an uncomfortable read, but you should read it anyway. I don’t know for sure what transpired here, but I do know one thing: If it wasn’t for prohibition or prohibition law enforcement tactics, nobody would have died.
Am I being too optimistic?
A picture named arnoldpot.jpgGovernor-elect Schwarzenegger has indicated that he is strongly in favor of medical marijuana (although opposed to legalization – see picture). President Bush has offered full support to California’s new leader, and the Governator has promised to cash in on that promise for the state.
I would really like to see Arnold face down the feds on medical marijuana, and demand that the DEA stop interfering with California’s medical marijuana laws. Given Arnold’s current popularity, his status as the newest Republican leader, and the President’s current shaky numbers, it could be a fabulous scene. How could the administration say no to him? And if he succeeded, he could be a hero to Californians for standing up for them.
It’s more likely that the feds will quietly ease up on medical marijuana harrassment for awhile, and Arnold will pay lip service to his support of medical marijuana, while using his political capital to push for a taxpayer-funded bailout. But I can dream, can’t I?
Am I being too optimistic? Part 2
Rush has admitted to illegal use of drugs and addiction. He has checked himself in for treatment and is under investigation. Once he finishes rehab and any criminal repercussions, I’d really like to see him come out publicly in favor of treatment over incarceration for all drug addicts. I’ll wait.

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