I’m thrilled to see all the new visitors to Drug WarRant today.
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First, thanks for the nice recent mentions and links from Walter in Denver and Pipeline.
TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime is without a doubt the most informative and interesting site of its kind out there and it’s great to have so many TalkLeft readers stopping by.
Balloon Juice and MetaJournalism said some very nice things and I’m looking forward to getting to know those sites. I’d also like to welcome new readers from The Dust Congress, Stitching for Sanity, and Salonblogs’ king-of-the-rankings filchyboy. (Update: welcome also to those from Riba Rambles, The Sideshow, ArchPundit, and Execution and the Connecticut Suburbs.)
Just in case you missed it, I’m opposed to the war on drugs. Liberals, conservatives, libertarians, stoners, and teetotalers are all welcome. There are good reasons for all of you to be opposed to the war as well. You may have different views about how to fix it, but that’s better than blind obedience to past failures.
Feel free to take a look around. Want to know my interpretation of who the Drug Czar is or some scary information about our new DEA administrators? Perhaps you’d like something on the lighter side, like a satire on the government’s war on burgers in 2043. Drop me a line at
if you have questions, criticisms, tips, or suggestions — or just to say Hi.

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